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You want to be a great leader, a great innovator, partner and parent. We work together to transform the limiting beliefs holding you back.


Bruce Ross
Transformational leadership
coach, trainer, and keynote speaker

Our thinking controls our success, so it is critical to remove mindset blocks to LEAD better and LIVE bigger.

Using neuroscience tools, you plug energy leaks, become deeply re-energised and unlock fresh perspectives.

This enables you to thrive. You perform better at work and at home - without burnout.

Together, we’ll turn stress into freedom, low energy into focused productivity, overwhelm into clarity.

This proprietary approach to leadership development is distilled from 23 years of changing the way leaders think. I have coached over 1,200 business owners, ‘high-potentials’, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

I have shared my thinking at over 30 conferences and delivered leadership development programmes for MBA and postgraduate courses.

Today, I provide personalised, one-to-one leadership coaching and deliver corporate training workshops and keynote addresses.

My Purpose

“To fortify leaders so they flourish at work, at home, in life”

Being equipped to lead and thrive through increasing uncertainty requires more than coping strategies. You need to be centred in the moment. You must maintain high energy levels, because you can’t lead effectively when energy is low.

My unique leadership coaching builds on this premise: we create less friction and more flow. Together, we stop energy leaks and connect you with a deeper sense of purpose. Essentially, it’s a reactivation from the inside out.

Outcomes I have created for people:

  • Better leader, better parent, better human being.
  • Improved productivity, stronger relationships.
  • Life clarity, self-certainty, calm confidence.
  • More quality family-time, enhanced family-harmony.
  • Improved profit and revenue, with less stress.
  • Psychological freedom, time freedom, money freedom.


The Energy Intelligence™ model

Leadership is an energy game. Energy determines your performance.

Applying the Energy Intelligence™ model systematically and sustainably moves you


Why my leadership development is different?


Transformational leadership coaching and training that facilitates breakthroughs in thinking and mindset to create enhanced levels of resilience, creativity, intelligence and flow.

My Process


My practice has grown – in terms of market share, client, leading my team, AND revenue generation.
Productivity has gone from 7 to 9/10.
I enjoy a much deeper sense of connection with clients, colleagues, and especially family and friends.
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The change has been dramatic. Stress has gone from 9/10 – 3/10.
Productivity up 70%
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Of all the training we’ve had over 25 yrs, Bruce’s coaching has gone deeper and had more positive impact than any training we’ve undertaken
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