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Keynote presentations & speaking

Insightful and Experiential Leadership Keynotes that
tap into Human Mindset and Potential.

Why my keynotes are different


Bruce helped us design our two-day conference for 800 advisors. It was a huge success.
He was also one of our highest rated keynote speakers, delivering highly relevant insights into mindset.

Keynote presentations

Some of the most requested topics:

  • Leadership in Difficult Times: The Centred Leader
  • Building an Unshakeable Mindset
  • Enhancing Leadership Presence
  • Sustaining Peak Mental Performance
  • Building High-performing Teams
  • Next-level Productivity: Tuning into Flow

Talk enhancements

Follow-up workshops are available as an add-on to the keynote, or as stand-alone immersion experiences for your organisation or team.

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