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I give overwhelmed leaders the Operating System

to live up to their potential and

experience deep fulfilment on their journey

We're at the crossroads of human extinction and human evolution.

And our teams and our kids are relying on us to bring our absolute best for our family, and our workplace.

If there was an integrated system that actually allowed you more energy throughout your day so that you showed up as the best parent and leader possible – and could ACHIEVE more without DOING more…

Are you ready to discover how that works?


Transformational leadership coaching and training that facilitates breakthroughs in thinking and mindset to create enhanced levels of resilience, creativity, intelligence and flow.

At work, you're in charge.

But it often doesn’t feel that way – running from meeting to meeting, in the weeds, in crisis mode, with clients constantly demanding your energy and attention… and the industry is changing so fast… are you actually control?

You probably don’t feel like it

Most leaders run on empty, and doing anything just for you, makes you feel guilty. (And all the while proclaiming ‘work-life balance’ to your team.)

And at home?

You haven’t had proper me-time for a while because the demands DON’T stop. Kids need to be driven around, there’s ‘The never-ending List’ of chores.

What I’ve pioneered and honed working with experienced business leaders and owners is how to create a new personal Operating System (You 2.0)

This new system isn’t about doing MORE

It’s about tapping into greater levels of energy – that allows you to consistently show up fully present and excited for everything that the world is throwing at you…

And if this sounds too good to be true, just read about the results my clients have achieved READ MORE

Talk about removing barriers. I’m now actively pursuing what Brent 2.0, and even Brent 3.0, looks like.

And the process was surprisingly fast and easy.
What Bruce shares is as close to a silver-bullet as I have ever seen. Simply Brilliant.
Bruce works at a profound level with a process, intuition and sense that’s so easy to work with.
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Our thinking controls our success, so it is critical to remove mindset blocks to
LEAD better and LIVE bigger.

Achieve your ambitious goals with LESS FRICTION,

MORE FLOW as we support you to

  • Lift your thinking to a new level
  • Focus on the important few
  • Reduce clutter and stress in your life
  • Raise personal effectiveness and confidence
  • Support you learn new skills
  • Create a high performance culture

Learn about accelerating your leadership
and team performance

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